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I'm Sarah Smith.

I teach busy women to change their bodies and lifestyles so that they can feel confident,  capable, and content.

I didn't always like fitness.
I didn't always know how to make it happen while balancing all of my other responsibilities, but I've cultivated a #persistenceoverperfection mindset that helps me get it done and get results while also enjoying my life! 

Now I teach other busy women how to carve out nutrition, movement and self-care practices that make them feel energized, confident, strong and happy in their bodies!

I'm a certified personal trainer with an MS in Agriculture (because food, dirt, and farm animals!), and a Bachelor of biology-so if you follow me on social media, you'll see me putzing around my mini farm with chickens, my 3 kids, our English bulldog Bella and LOTS of other creatures!

I'm also a wife to a buggeek, a kettlebell junkie, and lover of coffee,sweatpants, fires, and my Creator.

I work online and in-person with folks located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Ask me anything about fitness and wellness, email me now. I mean, why not??!!


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