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What is Cultivate For Life (C4L) Coaching Club?

C4L is a monthly online coaching club that I run using a private webpage and closed Facebook group. 
When you join you receive monthly workouts and a monthly workout schedule (that you can tweak to best fit your lifestyle and availability). 

I provide my clients with daily coaching in our private group that includes but is not limited to:

  • support
  • encouragement
  • form instruction and correction
  • the latest researching-based info in hormonal-based fat-loss
  • mindset support and content
  • guidelines and research-based advice for cultivating nutrition habits
  • accountability
  • ongoing education on fat-loss, strength training, metabolic conditioning, nutrition, fat-loss friendly eating habits
  • and more!

As part of your membership you will receive:

  • New strength-based and metabolic conditioning workouts each month, designed to create correct hormonal environment for fat-burning and muscle development in 20 minutes!

  • Access to me in our private coaching group and via email

  • Daily coaching and accountability

  • Recipes and nutrition strategies for helping you to reach your physique and fat-loss goals

  • Content to help you cultivate confidence and empowerment

  • Tips on managing stress to improve your fat-burning potential

  • Connection to an amazing community of women that also understand the challenge of prioritizing self care amidst the many responsibilities of life

  • A sense of community and belonging as you connect with other women daily to encourage and support one another in your goals

  • Mindset support for navigating the development of healthy habits in your fitness, nutrition and stress-management pursuits

Join now!

Three coaching club subscription $95. 

Monthly subscription $35/month, cancel anytime.

Client testimonials about working with Sarah:

I first started working with Sarah during one of her POP Challenges last year. Those two weeks were enough for me to see that her mindset and methods were right for me.

Sarah has helped me to identify and focus in on my health goals (big and small) and has given me the tools I need to work towards them. Her support, encouragement, and common sense approach have set me up for sustainable success.

I would highly recommend working with Sarah to any woman - no matter her age or fitness level. The workouts are challenging yet not intimidating and the time commitment is very reasonable. The nutrition guidelines are easy to understand and follow and best of all, leisure activities are highly encouraged! If you have fitness or fat-loss goals and are tired of the unrealistic culture of fad diets and fitness crazes, give Sarah’s program a try. You’ll see results quickly and discover how strength training can make your every day life easier and more enjoyable!”
— Robin C
I choose to work with Sarah because I wholeheartedly agree with her Persistence over Perfection message.

Sarah communicates a powerful message that we are all unique and we can celebrate and build each other up. Sarah is wealth of knowledge about movement and nutrition.
Sarah’s coaching has helped me in so many ways to achieve my goals, I work out more consistently now than ever. I have learned that a “pushing/punishment” mindset actually works against achieving my goals. I have gained strength in all areas of my body. Sarah helped me to adjust when I discovered a health issue. She has offered consistent input to educate me about nutrition and it’s role in my overall health.

She has offered consistent input to educate me about nutrition and it’s role in my overall health.
I would recommend Sarah to any woman who would like to learn to create a healthy approach/mindset lifestyle. I can honestly say I’ve built wonderful relationships with at least 20 women from all over the country who share the same desire; to be healthy, include movement in our lives, make good nutrition choices that support our goals and love ourselves for who we are. Sarah has created a beautiful format for that to happen. I  highly recommend her, she’s simply the best!
— Jill M.

"We swam for an hour last night and are swimming again this morning!! We are away for the weekend. It's been so fun swimming and I've felt so comfortable and confident in my swimsuit. Something I haven't felt in a few years."
-D. M.

"I've been struggling through a Couch to 5K training program on and off all summer. My route takes me up a really long hill at the end of my workout that usually kills me. I've noticed that since I've started adding weights and strength training to my workout routine that the runs are getting easier, but today was amazing. Not only did I cruise up that hill and show it who's boss, but I totally PR'd every part of the route. This is basically how I feel right now."

"Thirty minute workouts are so much more doable than 60 or 90 minute ones! I could never find time for those longer ones when I'd also need to shower and get back to work. The short (but tough) workouts give me enough time to do it all! And, I love the simple equipment, so I don't need to leave my house (I work here, and now can really workout here, too!) And I really think the sense of strength I feel after a good weight workout makes me feel driven to keep going!"

"The accountability helps me tremendously. Even on days I'm not feeling it it helps to know I have this community to support me. I echo others in the length of the workouts. If I had to commit to 60 minutes I would never even attempt to workout, because that's not doable at this point in my life. And the fact that I see and feel results with the 20-30 minute workouts is enough to make me continue on this path."

"I love having someone (you Sarah!) give me a plan to follow and being able to check in and be accountable is huge. Also hearing that everyone else struggles sometimes too and no one is perfect is so helpful. Without support it is easy to get discouraged."


Cultivate For Life Coaching Club is for busy women that have their hands full with myriad responsibilities, but it is NOT for everyone, and that's ok. 

Who is Cultivate For Life NOT for?

Women that-

  • are looking for an overnight fix for fat loss and bad habits, C4L Coaching Club is designed to help you build sustainable habits to get you lasting results
  • are not committed to working towards their goals and persisting through the imperfections of life
  • are NOT motivated or encouraged by a community of other women that are working towards accomplishing their physique and lifestyle goals
  • are exclusively looking to reduce the number on the scale and NOT change their physique
  • do not want the accountability encouragement and instruction of working with a coach
  • are NOT ready to level-up, put the work in and attain their goals this year

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When you sign up, please let me know if you are pregnant or less than 12 months postpartum!




Three months of Monthly Coaching Club $95

Monthly Subscription $35/month