Hi there! I'm Sarah Smith, I'm a strength and fitness coach that also specializes in mindset and nutrition habit coaching (more about me here). 
I work with clients in-person and online to help them accomplish their strength, physique and lifestyle goals.

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I've created this page specifically to give road and off-road cyclists a sample of a strength enhancing workout, specifically designed to enhance performance and power on the bike. 

Research has shown that regular strength training by cyclists makes them more powerful, capable and strong on the bike. By increasing the strength of fast-twitch muscle fibers, cyclist can:

  • Produce force quickly to increase velocity

  • Increase their endurance

  • Reduce recovery time and lactate-induced discomfort during a race or training

TO learn more about strength training for cycling and mountain biking, check out the two articles below.

Cycling article
Mountain biking article

If you're ready to start strength training to support your cycle habit, try the workout below. 
There's a PDF for you to download and print for reference as well as a video demonstration of the movements. 


       Strength Workout Download


Strength Workout Demo Video
(Click the pic below)

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