Are you perfect in your fitness and nutrition practices? 
Yeah, neither am I.
Do you want an approach to exercise that works for real people with real lives?
Come learn how to still get results and maintain momentum in order to reach your physique, fat-loss and confidence goals.

Free 10 day fitness challenge!!!!!!

Do want to increase the efficiency of your workouts by learning to workout at home or in the gym in less than 30 minutes?

Are you lacking motivation to pursue your fat-loss goals

When you skip a workout (or a few workouts), do you lose momentum and abandon your program altogether?

Do you crave the support and accountability of a coach AND an online community of women that share your struggles?

Do you want to feel strongenergized, and proud of your fitness accomplishments?


"The phrase I learned from you Sarah always resonates with me - persistence over perfection. Knowing that even if I don't get in many rounds of the workout, and even if I only have time to work out hard for 10 minutes, that is still something. This has truly kept the momentum going for me! "

"..20 minute workouts are so much more doable than 60 or 90 minute ones! I could never find time for those longer ones when I'd also need to shower and get back to work. The short (but tough) workouts give me enough time to do it all! And, I love the simple equipment, so I don't need to leave my house (I work here, and now can really workout here, too!) And I really think the sense of strength I feel after a good weight workout makes me feel driven to keep going!"

"This is such a great message, I've done lots of different programs and if I'm really honest I was looking for a level of performance and perfection that I could not keep up with. I was exhausted, I finally learned to slow down a bit, listen to my body, get enough sleep!! I can't tell how much of a difference that has made. I had to let go of comparing myself to women who are 20 years younger than me. I have so enjoyed this group and the whole philosophy of RBT and allowing myself to enjo some things and really listen to my body. Thank you, Sarah!!"

 I have really enjoyed this challenge and hope to keep up with the every other day workouts and leisure walks. It's very doable and I have seen big changes in a very short amount of time (hello baby muscles!). Thank you so much, Sarah, for all of this! "


If you answered yes to any of above questions,
then join the #popchallenge is for you!
Join me in the Persistence Over Perfection (or POP) challenge challenge starting on Sunday, May 7th. for the
Sign up below to reserve your spot today. The challenge is FREE.
Space is limited. 

How does the challenge work?

Sign up using the forms on this page. 
On May 7th, POP Challenge participants will receive an email that contains the following:

  1. A fitness plan containing our workouts for the next 14 days ( we will be meeting in the group for 10 of the 14 days, Monday-Friday of both weeks! So while the challenge extends for 14 days it is in essence a 10 day challenge. In case you were confused...
  2. A link to a closed Facebook group-where you will check-in every day after completing your workout and or leisure walk
  3. Instructions on how to use the hashtag #popchallenge to share your check-ins and POP Challenge experience on Instagram (this will only be visible if your profile is set to public)
Just finished my workout, despite multiple interruptions by this guy!!! Phew. Day 3 #popchallenge

Just finished my workout, despite multiple interruptions by this guy!!! Phew. Day 3 #popchallenge

4.  After completing our walks or workouts we will check in at our Facebook group and post a photo of ourselves doing so!!! See photo on the right--> as an example!

I will be coaching and encouraging you via the Facebook page, so the more you check in there, the more you will benefit from the challenge. 

AND!!!! There will be prizes for the most persistent participants.



What do I need to do to participate in the #popchallenge?

It's simple!

  • One pair of dumbbells-8lbs or more. For more help selecting your dumbbell weight, watch this video.
  • A willingness to work out for less than 30 minutes on 8 of the 14 days, and leisure walk on 8 days.

I'm brand new to fitness, is this challenge right for me?

  • All of our workouts are designed using the Metabolic Effect's rest-based training protocol, which means you can stop and rest at anytime during the workout! 
  • Additionally, the exercises in these workouts are designed to be modified for EVERY fitness level. I'm not kidding. You just have to be willing to move as best you can.
    • This includes re-convening after unplanned interruptions!!! 

What if I don't have Facebook?

  • All of the coaching or this club will take place in a private Facebook group, so you'll want to join Facebook during the challenge in order to get all of the the content, workouts, coaching and support from the #popchallenge community!

More about the #popchallenge....

I'm your coach, Sarah!
I created the #popchallenge because in my experience of working with over 200 women in pursuit of fitness goals, the single thing that stops people from seeing results is consistency.

Routine exercise is hard, especially when we aren't seeing immediate results.
It's the first thing to get shelved when we have a bad day, are short on time, or feel tired.

I've designed this program to teach you that you don't have to be perfect all day long everyday to lose weight and love your body.
You can push through hard days and tough times where you feel hopeless and like exercise is a waste of time because on the other side is a feeling of accomplishment, power, 
 but you do have to persistent in pursuing your fat-loss goals. 

Over the next 14 days I will be in a closed Facebook group coaching you to use short, efficient weight-based workouts and leisure walks to help you get embark on fat-loss program that will get your results and make you proud. 

Persisting in your working towards your goals can be difficult, but consistent practice is the only way to see results. 

Interruptions? Exhaustion? Food indulgences? Skipped workouts?
We can work with and through all of those things because what matters most when it comes to your fitness goals is what you do over the longterm.

When you learn to choose persistence over perfection, then you can work through those bad days, and rough weeks. You can remain consistent and you will see results.

Who is the #popchallenge not for?

  • Folks that do not want to complete 20 minute "do it yourself" workouts and prefer to attend a scheduled fitness class or follow a 40-60 minute fitness video
  • Folks that don't desire the accountability and support of an online coach and an online community of women that struggle to be consistent with their fitness programs.
  • Folks that are not committed to working towards the conscious (or unconscious) goals that they have for their bodies.
  • Folks that never struggle with motivation or consistency
  • Folks that don't want coaching advice, because they have a plan that's already working for them!