I'm Sarah Smith!
I teach busy women to cultivate a love for healthFULL living so they can feel strong, fit, energized, and happy in their bodies!

I created Wayfaring Wellness TM, to provide women with support and easy-to-follow workouts  that they can easily take on the road with them when they are away from their gym, home gym, or regular fitness routine.

Wayfaring Wellness TM is a downloadable workout program that contains 3 "do-anywhere" workouts!
Using your bodyweight, a resistance band, or a pair of dumbbells, you can get in an efficient workout in 30 minutes or less at the beach, in a hotel room, at the park, in your friend's guest room...anywhere!

This program makes working out convenient,uncomplicated, time-efficient, and possible in any location so that you can reap the benefits of exercise even when you are on the road!

Buy Wayfaring Wellness TM now and receive Cultivate for Life's Guide to Travel-Friendly Foods, foods that you can take with you in the car, on vacation, to your family's house for the holidays, or any place where you need foods that keep you satisfied and committed to your nutrition and fitness goals!!!

Yes, I want to purchase Wayfaring Wellness TM so that I can workout anywhere AND I want the free guide to travel-friendly foods!!!

What does the Wayfaring Wellness program include?

3 completely portable workouts that require little-to-no equipment

  • Bodyweight Workout-utilize your own body to get your heart rate up, your muscles burning, and your body moving!
  • Resistance Band Workout-use this simple and compact prop to add resistance to your workouts
  • Free Weight Workout-grab a set of dumbbells at the hotel or resort gym, or throw a pair in the back seat of your car to get a great workout

Unlimited access to six online instructional videos

  • A printable PDF containing all three workouts so you can easily bring your workout with you when you travel!
  • One introductory video explaining how the program works
  • Three videos demonstrating the workouts, correct form and modifications
  • One video demonstrating a warm up and one demonstrating a cool down

Discounted from $11.97 to now only $9.97!!!

And finally an online form cue index

  • Detailed explanations of all the movements
  • Form cues to help you perform each exercise efficiently AND correctly

Email access to me if you have any questions about the exercises and workouts!

  • I will respond to all WW emails within 24-48 hours after you send them. 

Wayfaring Wellness TM is a travel-fitness program designed to make working out on the simple and easy so you feel strong, fit, and vibrant, no matter where you are!



"After completing my first WF workout I was shocked at how hard I worked in such a short amount of time. It has enabled me to workout at home surrounded by my children and not feel as stressed about getting my workouts accomplished. It has allowed me to have consistency for the first time in years and I feel stronger mentally and physically bc Sarah takes the hard part and structures workouts that anyone can do no matter your fitness level and that has allowed me to grow and that feeling is powerful."
-Caroline, Business owner/Mom of three


"Now it's easy for me to get in my workouts no matter where I am! The workouts are tough, but you wanna push through because you can feel them working.
I love the feeling I get when I finish exercising! I feel happy AND healthy, which is the ideal workout!"
-Heather, receptionist/student

"I've been doing your workouts while in LA and I'm away from my regular class and I love that you've designed the workouts to be adjusted for every fitness level! "
-Patte, Mom, grandmother extraordinaire and missionary

"I am a bit of a fitness fanatic. Have belonged to gyms since high school. Have always sought out physical activity; bike riding, horseback riding, power walking; done Pilates for years, and recently yoga. My energy level has lowered in the last few years and I was not happy with my unfit body. I have wanted to learn more about working with weights, but didn't find the time to teach myself. The POP challenge came at the perfect moment for me. I am so happy with my regained strength. I am mentally and physically renewed. Thank you, Sarah. You rock. "
-Cheryl, Nurse/mom of 2

Yours for only $9.97!!!


Should you buy? Why is Wayfaring Wellness TM right for you?!!?

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 5.25.55 PM.png
  • Workouts for every fitness level
    • Whether you are beginner level, intermediate or advanced, these workouts have been designed for you to work at an intensity and speed that is challenging, effective and safe for you!
  • Workouts that can be done anywhere!
    • The bodyweight and resistance band workouts can literally be completed in any location, from hotel room to campground, beach, to guest room at your family's house, all your need is a teeny bit of motivation to get moving!
    • The free-weight workouts can also be completed anywhere if you bring your own dumbbells, otherwise you might need to find the hotel or beach resort gym to select some weights.
  • Easy-to-follow video demonstrations of all three workouts
  • Workouts that are time efficient and flexible
    • All three of these workouts can be done in anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes.
    • Yes! You can exercise as hard as possible for 5-10 minutes in the morning before you start your day or maybe you want a good long 30 minutes sweat session before dinner. All of the workouts are circuit based, which means you select how long you wish to exercise by choosing your rest period and how many round of each circuit you wish to complete.


Who is Wayfaring Wellness TM for?
It's for you if you....

  • want to remain active on vacation without devoting lots of time and research to finding ways to exercise
  • use exercise to help manage stress and maintain regular digestion
  • sleep and feel better when you exercise regularly
  • prioritize nutrition and moderate eating when you are working out regularly
  • hate the idea of getting out of your health and wellness habits while traveling
  • have traveled in the past with the intentions of jogging, hitting the hotel gym, or swimming in the pool only to feel too busy and unmotivated to figure out how, when and where to exercise
  • enjoy Do-it-Yourself style workouts that are modular in nature and feature videos demonstrating all of the movements
  • enjoy workouts that allow you to workout intensely for whatever time you have that day.


I am new to exercise, can I do these workouts?

Yes!!! These workouts are designed for all fitness levels and are very beginner-friendly. As long as you have clearance from a doctor, you can use the modifications that I provide to start your fitness journey slowly. Please consult the Form Cue Index to ensure that you are doing each movement correctly.

Do I need equipment to use this program?

You can do both the body weight workout and portions of the other two workouts without equipment, but I do recommend that you purchase a set of dumbbells and a resistance band to make the most of the program!

I don't travel, is this program for me?

Yes. Even though I designed this program in a manner to make it travel-friendly, it is also relevant to you if you:
  • Want to be able to workout at parks, playgrounds, in your yard or in different parts of your house
  • Require flexible, yet effective workouts that allow you to workout for whatever time you have that day (5-30 minutes!)
  • Want workouts where the intensity can be ramped up or down, depending on your strength gains and your energy levels
  • Would like to begin working out but do not want to invest in lots of equipment

What if I do the movements incorrectly?

You can feel free to send me a video of you doing any of the exercises and I will reply within 48-72 hours with comments and corrections, if necessary.

I already have a resistance band, do I need to buy the one your recommend?

No. As long as your current band can be secured in a doorway OR you have a railing, tree or pole to wrap it around, then you do not need to buy another band.

I am between 6 weeks and 6 months postpartum, can I do these workouts?

I am not a trainer that specializes in post-partum work. Most of the exercises and or modified exercises in this program are post-partum-friendly. Protecting your core and your pelvic floor is of utmost importance. If you have any questions about specific exercises you can email me and I will answer them or direct you to a post-partum exercise specialist.

Have more questions???
Email me!!!

Stay active, remain committed, work hard and travel light!




Wayfaring Wellness TM costs $9.97!!!! ! Get yours now!




30 Day money back guarantee

Disclaimer: Exercise has many health benefits, but please only follow the workouts in this program if you have been cleared for exercise by your doctor. Any medical concerns and questions should be directed immediately to your physician. Any action you take upon the information provided by this program is strictly at your own risk. Sarah Smith will not be liable for the losses and damages in connection with the use of this product.