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Cultivate for Life Coaching Club Monthly subscription, $35/month ** Enrollment is only open several times a year

Cultivate for Life Coaching Club is a fitness and lifestyle coaching club designed to help you to get consistent with your fitness, movement, and self-care practices. 

Using strength-training programming, metabolic conditioning workouts, leisure walks and other restorative activities, we create a hormonal environment in the body to burn fat stores and build muscle. 

This club will provide you with:

  •  the instruction that you need to make sustainable changes to your physique,
  • the encouragement that you need to remain committed to your goals
  • the accountability necessary to be consistent in your fitness pursuits!

With this club, we don't just exercise, but cultivate a lifestyle and relationships that help us feel happy, confident, and empowered in our lives and bodies!

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In person private training session $60

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Single 50 minute private in person training session (Raleigh area only), please use the form to the right to contact me if you have questions about in person private training.



Semi-private group training session $35 (per person)

In person coaching session with 1-5 people. 
Price is per person.
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Coaching calls-$100 

Coaching call options

For new clients: With all of the fitness and nutrition information out there, it can sometimes be confusing to know where to start when it comes to making lasting change in how we look and feel in our bodies. 

Coaching calls can be helpful for helping one create a wellness program, tweak their existing program and or learn why they might not be seeing the progress that they had hoped to see. 
These are calls 60 minute long and can be done on the phone or via Skype.
We will talk about your current nutrition and fitness program, your struggles, your lifestyle, time restrictions, dietary struggles, you goals and your time frame for reaching them.

For existing coaching club clients: 
Coaching calls are a great way to talk about specifics. If you're struggling in a particular area, want individualized attention and feedback, this is a great option for you.

During the call we talk about your goals, your struggles and your current lifestyle approaches. 
We discuss and create a plan for making change in a way that WORKS FOR YOU AND YOUR LIFESTYLE, SPECIFICALLY!!
Connecting with a coach personally, feeling understood and taking that time to talk through challenges can be an effective way to get the additional encouragement, accountability and structure that you need to make lasting change at a rate that works best for you!

After the call you will receive a one-time wellness plan based on our discussion to help you get on track with reaching your goals and enjoying the process to get there!

One on One Coaching



For clients that have participated in a coaching club or a free challenge and wish to continue working with me

Online "one on one" coaching clients receive individualized programs tailor-made to their unique wellness goals and lifestyle restrictions. This is a 3 month commitment.
One on one coaching clients receive

  • Whole-health wellness programming focused on nutrition, fitness and mindset
  • Form evaluations via video-to ensure they are performing the workouts correctly and safely
  • Customize-able meal plans
  • Efficient, challenging, and effective workouts for all fitness levels
  • Programming and support that promotes healthy minds and self care
  • Bi-monthly coaching calls via Skype or telephone or in-person meetings
  • Weekly email contact
  • Troubleshooting assistance, accountability, support and encouragement

Meal plan adjustment and feedback

Record all of your food intake for two days and send it to me for feedback.
After reviewing I will reply with 

  • Suggestions on how to adjust your current diet to get more results and feel better in your body!
  • Recipes and food items that work better for your goals and lifestyle restrictions
  • Advice on macronutrient intake and frequency and size of meals

I will be available for 3 follow up questions within a 48 hour period post assessment


Germinate Coaching Club

I run my whole body jump start coaching club, Germinate once a year, starting in January.
Germinate is a 12 week experience designed for women that are ready to jump into caring for their bodies with two feet! 

I give you everything that you need in those 12 weeks to cultivate  fitness, nutrition and mindset practices for the remaining 9 months of the year!

Learn more about Germinate here.

  • Coaching clubs are a great place to start pursuing your new and evolving wellness goals
  • Each program contains workouts, meal plans, and mindset training for you to incorporate into your weekly routine, at a time that is convenient for you
  • During the club you receive group coaching in a private Facebook group alongside other women that support you and share many of your struggles. I also offer two "one on one" coaching calls (Skype or the phone) during the club.


For additional information on working with me, fill out the contact form below!

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If you want to change your life or an aspect of your life, the sustainable way is learning to do it for yourself!

A good teacher (or coach!) who understands your goals, your strengths, and the limitations of your life today can streamline and expedite this process by lending knowledge, experience, support, and accountability.
The path to making life changes looks a little different for everyone.
The key to lasting results is in creating a program that works best for who you are and where you are today!